Our core service is a digital solution to registration services, customized to meet your event's specific needs. Whether it's a 10K race or a tennis tournament, we are able to register participants, schedule and structure matches, keep track of scoring, and so much more.

Participant Tracking

The Spiral Event platform tracks participants’ data history throughout events. Information is accessible via multiple dashboards, including personal and team history, as well as event-specific records for league-access. Race participants, for example, can access completion times, personal records, top finishes, age-bracket rankings, and more. The system also assists in facilitating accurate participant and team ranking classifications for sports requiring this resource.

Match Structuring/Scheduling

Our system provides access to fully scalable and customizable match structuring and scheduling for any event type. The service is built on flexibility, handling variations of preliminary through final round play: sudden death brackets, round-robins, double-eliminations, or any other style of round advancement. The system easily handles custom features such as numerous fields, complex scheduling, and multi-day events.

Results Tracking & Scoring

Event results are documented and displayed in real-time, viewable to the public. The system determines team advancement, calculating tie-breakers seamlessly. Event results remain in the system, for personal and league records. Leagues hosting multi-event series are able to update rankings for teams and individuals after each event and season.

Registration Services

The registration system is designed for complete ease in the process of participant check-in, validation, and preparedness for the event, with less staff and overhead cost required. Members receive an annual ID card, scannable at any event affiliated with the system. Our years of experience in large-event registration allow us to run events efficiently, effectively, and with exemplary customer service.

Centralized Event Marketing

Growth in participation on our platform means more opportunities for outreach from our various event promoters within the system. Participants’ geographical location and recorded sports interests, combined with event history, provide valuable opportunities for local organizations using our system to increase their event visibility, and enhance community growth in sports.

Low Cost, High Value

Our services are zero cost for any event promoter looking to run, host, and maintain events within the Spiral Events platform. The system is designed to increase league profits, maximize event time-management, and remove possible costly errors. We keep your event running smoothly, resource-efficient, and worry-free.